Birth of Savita Samaj

Savita Samaj is a community for Nai caste people. Nai caste people from all over India and world can add profile and become part of this online community site. They can search suitable partners for their life. This site provides a excellent platform for Nai/ Savita caste people.

  1. Out of major castes in India (Brahmin, Kshatrya, Vaishya, Shudra and Harijan), the Savita/Sain are a sub-caste of the Shudra. The Shudra are the just above the Harijan or the untouchable caste.
  2. The Savitas /sains are located throughout India. Large numbers are in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttarpradesh. Each region has a different name for Savita. They are called Raja in Punjab, Kuleen in Himachal Pradesh, Khawas in Rajasthan, Sain samaj in Haryana and Nai Thakur or Savita Samaj in India.
  3. The Savita/Sain is associated with the barber profession. As they did traditionally, the Sain/Savita groom clients, such cutting hair and nails and provide minor medical facilities like extracting teeth and setting sprains right. They also perform duties in connection with marriage, match making and celebration. A large-scale occupational change is taking place with many Savita/ Sain taking up other trades and profession in modern India.
  4. The diet of Sain Savita usually consists of wheat, rice, lentil, maize and seasonal fruit. The literacy rate of the Sain/Savita is low. Many leave school level due to poverty or lack of schools or colleges nearby. Now in urban area as well as in rural area, the literacy rate is gradually coming up.

A caste council (Panchayat) maintains social control over the communit.